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Mr YM Adler

Bridging the gap between Rabbi

and Medical Professional

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Advances in reproductive medicine have helped save many lives and given hope to couples facing fertility issues. Scans, tests and treatments are routinely offered or undertaken. But sometimes they can create halachic complications. Pregnancy itself also carries potential problems which have halachic ramifications. Knowing when to consult with a Rov is vital for any pregnant woman and those considering any fertility test or intervention.

Mr Adler trained in Israel as a clinical case analyst carrying out research covering Gynaecology Obstetrics and Reproductive medicine. After qualifying in the UK as a counsellor/psychotherapist, his skill combination led to the establishment of CCA-UK ltd, a unique patient led approach to infertility treatments. CCA-UK has partnered with many high end clinics and organisations to provide tailored treatment programs in the most efficient way possible. Apart from maintaining a private practice, Mr Adler is passionate about Medical ethics and Halachic implications in medical treatments, lecturing regularly and acting as an advocate to give a voice to those with Religious requirements in medical treatments.

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