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Rabbi Ginsbury

Faith - its role in helping us on the journey towards fertility

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Other families keep growing while you or someone close to you struggles with infertility. Other people share their challenges, while you remain silent because your problem is sensitive and private. Inevitably, it can feel like a very lonely journey. But you are always accompanied by Hashem. Find out how you can strengthen that connection and let Hashem share your burden.


Rabbi Mordechai Ginsbury has been Rav of the Hendon United Synagogue, London, for over twenty years. He was previously Rav of the Prestwich Hebrew Congregation in Manchester from 1985 – ‘98. He learned in Yeshivas Be’er Yaakov, Israel, Gateshead Yeshiva and Liverpool Kollel. He is also Director of P’eir (Promoting Excellence In Rabbis) and Principal of Hasmonean Primary School in Hendon.

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