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Dr Lamiya Mohyihideen MBBS MD FRCOG

Can you prevent miscarriage?

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There’s a Simcha on the horizon, then pregnancy loss turns happy anticipation into sadness. Sometimes there are underlying causes, while other times miscarriage seems to occur at random. Sometimes it’s early, but it can happen well into a pregnancy. Whatever the circumstances, it brings disappointment, distress, and even depression. But what if there was something we could do to reduce the risk?

Dr. Mohiyiddeen is a consultant gynecologist and an accredited subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery. She has been a consultant at St.Mary’s hospital since 2013 and is the lead for their recurrent miscarriage service. She has clinical interests in the management of subfertility, assisted conception, recurrent implantation failure, and recurrent miscarriage. She is involved in research and has published widely both in journals and books. She is an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Manchester.

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