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Dr Andras Kostic Mrcog, MBChB

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Are my symptoms sinister?

Reproductive malignancies – earlier detection, better outcomes Hopefully, it’s only age or stress causing those symptoms, but don’t simply ignore them. It’s not just those with the BRCA gene who are at risk of reproductive malignancies. Everyone needs to be aware of their own risk and find out about the symptoms that could indicate an abnormality. Catching something early means having a better outcome.


Dr Kostic graduated University in 2002. He specialized as an Obstetrician Gynecologist in 2008 and worked in Budapest until 2011. He then left for Ireland and came to the UK in 2012. He has worked as a consultant Gynecologist since 2017 and is employed by the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust. His current role is to lead the Cancer Exclusion Clinic. Since the beginning of his career he has had a special interest in Minimal Invasive Surgery.

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