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Dr Glenville BEd (Hons), MA, PhD (Cantab)

How To Use Nutrition To Help With Endometriosis

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The Role of Nutrition in Managing Endometriosis and Preventing Miscarriage

Precis: All our body systems need the right nutrients to function as they should, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to discover that your diet can influence your reproductive health. Not only can eating the right foods help with managing endometriosis, research suggests that the right diet could reduce the risk of miscarriage.

Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD is the UK’s leading nutritionist specialising in women’s health. She is the former President of the Food and Health Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine, a registered nutritionist, psychologist, author and popular broadcaster who obtained her doctorate from Cambridge University.

For over thirty five years Dr Glenville has studied and practiced nutritional medicine specialising in the natural approach to female hormone problems. With a special interest in the female hormone cycle, Dr Glenville works in her clinics with women who suffer menstrual problems such as heavy periods, painful periods, PMS, fibroids, PCOS and endometriosis, and who wish to work on a nutritional approach to these problems.

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